Welcome to The Dizzy Pub

We opened the doors on April 16th 2007 and quickly changed the name from The Dizzy Weasel to

The Dizzy Gastro Sports Pub. With our backgrounds from fine dining we decided to create a neighborhood

pub with great food. With the both of us as huge sports fans we were tired of frozen burgers and chicken

fingers, why is it so hard to watch a Leaf game and eat horrible food? Well we answered that question now

didn’t we? We quickly became the place to go for great food and drink to catch the game on 10 HD TV’s with

the best damn wings TO has ever had and may I add the Best Burger also! A 10 oz monster burger fully

loaded. The pulled pork, the veal scallopini and the old mans Chili recipe(Canadian Championship Recipe)

To name a few of our menu items. Creeping up on our 4 year anniversary we have seen some rough times over

the last 2 years with the Roncesvalles landscape changing, The nightmare of construction going on around

us. 40 days with no sidewalk an entire summer with no road and they are back for their 3rd summer to hurt

and damage our great community. Roncesvalles Village is a great community in the heart of downtown TO,

with great family owned shops and very corporate free hood. We started a catering division in September of

2010, working out of the historic High Park Club as the in house food service. We have catered to Disney,

Nike, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Goldline and the Bernstein Diet to name a few. It is our goal to continue to

grow our business but still keep our feet well grounded in our community.


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